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For the first time in history, Arabic stars will "Step into the Metaverse" to perform on October 20th, 2022. This event is set to be an out of this world virtual experience. The first of our series "Concerts of the Future".




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MetaBoundless is a web3 platform that connects creators to give fans unprecedented access to their favorite celebrities. Fans will now be able to interact with stars in a direct way while being rewarded for their loyalty. You can now get real rewards that can be converted into actual access to these celebs, or money!

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You'll be able to watch the MetaBoundless Concert on MetaBoundless streaming page. We'll share more details soon.
You can watch the whole concert using your concert tickets or the NFT Access pass on MetaBoundless Streaming portal. Buy your tickets now!
The ticket holders or the NFT Access pass holders will be able to watch the concerts on the metaboundless streaming platform, we'll put out more details regarding that really soon. Buy your tickets now!
Concerts of the future are so much more than just an event. It is the first rollout of products which we are offering to give you access to these stars. For the first time, fans from all over the world can tune in and watch at the same time, together. Connected by web3 you’ll be able to enjoy and chat with each other, and maybe even one of the celebrities might make an appearance! This is not like a YT video where you can watch later, this will only be available 1 time - with your NFT access pass just like a physical performance! By purchasing an access pass to Concerts of the Future. You will have access to your NFT collectable reward. You can buy your access pass with any of the providers listed here. You can choose any provider as per convenience.
You can find a detailed process for claiming your NFT access pass here.

NFT collectable When you purchase your access pass - you will be eligible to download an NFT. These are unique, like physical posters. You will have a nice piece of memorabilia, as well as these are tradeable so you could potentially increase in value later! Giving Back Everyone is thinking about climate action, and we are doing our part. Concerts of the Future is a carbon neutral event, and a percentage of each sale will be going towards carbon reducing emissions to create a safer world for us and our future generations. Meet and Greet This is the biggest one! If you tuned into Ragheb Alama’s live stream you would have seen this announcement! We are offering a once in a lifetime opportunity. We will be selecting 3 NFT holders to fly to a secret location to meet these stars!! We will be making a post tonight with more information on how to take part in this, but this is not something to be missed out on!!! Link in bio to get your access pass now, and meet these celebs!

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